Latest Facebook Messenger Updates for Developers

Ever since Facebook opened the Messenger platform for businesses, various developers and businesses have started building bots across verticals. According to David Marcus. Vice President of Messaging Product at Facebook, over 11,000 bots have been launched and more than 23,000 developers have expressed interest for’s bot engine.

Here’s a list of the latest updates from Messenger, especially catering to people building bots on the platform:

  • Ratings

In order to help developers improve their app/business, Messenger has launched a feature that will enable users to rate bot developers in the platform. This can be done by providing a star rating or an open text feedback. The feature can be shared and viewed by the developer via email or at the bot dashboard.

  • Quick Replies

This feature enables quick interactions between the bot and the user, by dynamically enabling buttons based on previous requirements those users have had with the business. Up to ten dynamic buttons are allocated at a time; this makes it possible for developers to manage previous and current button taps at ease.

  • Persistent Menu

This menu will always be available to the user and will contain the most important actions that the user will enact. The navigation for the bot will support up to five actions. These actions can be standard, eliminating the need for people to remember text commands and ensuring consistency throughout. The menu will also automatically appear in the thread if a user returns to a conversation after a long time, thereby enabling re-engagement.

  • Account Linking

Businesses can now connect their customers’ accounts with messenger. A secured protocol has been created to link and unlink the messenger identity with the business user identity.

  • New Content Types

Through the update, new content types such as audio and video (which can play natively in the platform), images and files will be supported.

  • More Control

Just like how conversations can be muted with friends on messenger, users can now choose to mute a bot as well.

Lastly, Facebook has also launched a new blog for the messenger developers that will provide a platform to introduce their tools better and interact with their customers efficiently.

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