Latest Email Marketing Observations

What consumers want from your email marketing campaigns is always changing. One day it’s the subject line that gets a user to open the email and the next day it is the graphics in the email that is attractive. It is important to quickly pick up trends and stay ahead of the game.

#1 – Personalisation

Personalisation no longer means inserting a nametag to your emails. Personalization is now all about the content of an email – how unique it is for each reader and how well he/she can relate to it. Personalization in combination with segmentation that tells you which email is for which user, is catching up among email marketers.

#2 – Targeting

Personalisation is in turn dependent on finding the right target group of consumers. Brands are currently moving away from targeting just based on user interests and preferences, and moving towards targeting based on user behavior such as purchase behavior, email clicks, website and mobile browsing behavior, etc. Brands are also spending more time understanding subscriber behaviour psychology – “why” subscribers behave the way they do and are focusing on increasing subscriber engagement.

#3 – Mobile

Emails are more immediate on mobile, and email marketers have already tapped that concept. But it is important to note that, mobile is also more personal and hence strategies such as timings, content, and resends, exclusive for email on mobile are coming up.

#4- Interactive Creatives

Email designers are pushing email HTLML and providing users a website-like experience in email. Many clever email creatives are seen these days. However, it is unclear whether this is doing good or not. Not every email client supports HTML5. Also such designs sometimes make the content less accessible. However, more and more email clients are moving towards HTML5, and this opens more doors for interactive creatives on email.

#5 – Frequency and Spamming?

Most email marketers have stopped worrying about spam rates. Frequency of emails are increasing, as marketers see no point in reducing the number of emails out of fear of the open rate coming down. The benefits of sending an email usually outweigh the downsides. Email providers are also getting smarter at identifying spam from legitimate content.

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