Latest Digital technology trends in 2017 – Marketers vs Consumers

Recent trends in technology have elevated the digital sphere of a business. While marketing and advertising used to be more creative and less technical, there has been a major shift in this, and now digital tech is taking over these aspects and similar functions in an organization. However, while these trends may be game changers in the tech world, where do they stand in the consumer world? The latest digital trends such as Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, 360-degree video, Screenless ordering (Amazon Dash), digital voice assistants etc. have created quite a stir in the media because of how innovative and new they are. As marketers, these technological advancements have made us very excited. However, when looked into more carefully, it was found that consumers don’t necessarily feel the same way. According to an infographic released by digital agency Code Computerlove, they prefer improvements in already existing, currently used technology, rather than something that is foreign to them. In a way, they are choosing comfort and ease of utilization, over the experience of the unknown. “Immersive Technologies: The New Emerging Platform & Opportunities for Brands,” surveyed 811 online users in the US in August of 2016. The results showed that 86 percent of respondents have heard of one or more of the three technologies, although only 29 percent have tried any kind. The report says that VR is the best known of the three technologies, followed by 360-degree video, and then augmented reality. But if more big cases like Pokémon Go’s July phenomenon make headlines, AR will quickly move up to first place. Only 16 percent of respondents have tried either desktop or mobile VR, while nearly half have heard of it. 13 percent tried 360- degree videos while 31 percent heard, while 9 percent have tried AR and 25 percent have heard about it. Customers listed mobile payments as the top technology they want to use this year, even though it did not generate a lot of news mentions and media attention. Conversely, trends such as virtual reality and augmented reality have had a lot of media mentions, but consumers are still unenthusiastic about trying them out. To see more about the digital trends brands are talking about versus what consumers want to use, check out the infographic below, sourced from digital agency Code Computerlove. Digital Trends 2017

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