It’s Time to Revamp Your Instagram Strategies

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If you haven’t noticed yet, ever since Facebook acquired Instagram – the way posts appear on your newsfeed, the content, and the people displayed have changed. The age-old methodology of showing content chronologically has changed forever. With a user base of over 400 million people, it isn’t surprising that the platform has become more strategized and structured in terms of ads, reach and content than previously. Instagram now shows you content based on what it thinks interests you – posts that you’ve like or commented in the past, people you follow, the content you share, and so on.

This means, all the brands and advertisers having a customer base on Instagram or who plan to have one, need to up their game as well. Here are few strategies that we think would help your business on Instagram

Know Your Business Objectives

As boring and usual as it may sound, this remains the most important determinant to your marketing goals. You may have just started out on Instagram or you may already have a good following base on Instagram, but remember too many things about the platform have changed ever since Facebook acquired it. So it is important that, before you strategize, you make pointers on what the platform offers that other platforms don’t, who your potential customer base is, what age group of your customer base uses the platform most and at what times, and what the platform will finally bring into the plate. Instagram objectives can simply be a showcase of the company’s products and services or increasing brand awareness. Determining the business and marketing objectives will lead you to think what content you need to have and to set up a content calendar and generate content systematically

Combination of a Compelling Story and Great Media

Now when it comes to the content that you are posting, successful brands on Instagram, if you have observed, always present themselves with a story for each photo or video that they upload. Many of us don’t realize the impact of a good story combined with visual media on users. Instagram has an algorithm that it follows now. The best way to reach out to most number of people is to incorporate a LOT of content in your posts that would boost engagement. The more the number of users commenting or interacting with your post more is the visibility of the brand on the platform.

Frequency of Posts

The new algorithm of Instagram keeps engagement as its top criteria. So if you have lot of posts and the engagement doesn’t consistently improve, then such posts are devalued. It is advisable to build a following base and post not too frequently but valuably. This helps improve engagement and brings in more value to the brand in the eyes of Instagram.

Content of the Posts

1) Apart from having a great story for your posts, it is generally advisable to have different sorts of ways in which content is delivered. All eyes are on videos and video ads in the social media space. It should do good to post videos every now and then. According to Instagram statistics, the video engagement has increased by 40 percent in the last 6 months. It started when Instagram extended the length of the videos to 1 minute. Advertisers and brands used the opportunity to advertise through videos, resulting in a greater amount of time users have been spending in the app these days. Videos also provide brands an added bonus of showing them the number of views for the video.
2)Hashtags may be a clichéd to-do on Instagram. But how many hashtags do you use for a single post? And what sort of hashtags to use for the post? It is a good idea to do a research around the kind of hashtags used by big brands on Instagram. Statistics show that the most used hashtags are brand names. And hence, coming up a standard name that you never change and always use for your brand on Instagram seems a good idea. Also, the more the number of hashtags you use in a post, the more is the visibility of your post under more categories.

Turn On Notifications

Instagram recently added a feature that enables followers to turn on post notifications for a page. This will give them an alert each time any thing is being posted on the page. Unless it is a nuisance (when you upload too many posts), followers who really care about the content, wouldn’t mind being notified. Brands could achieve more visibility/sales by strategizing around getting followers to turn on post notifications. For instance, you could announce an upcoming sale and ask users to turn on post notifications to stay tuned.

Although Instagram is more competitive than ever for advertisers, it is also growing with users of varied interests joining in, and room for more number and variety of businesses that cater to user interests in the platform.

Do you have any tips for advertisers on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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