Introducing Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo News and MonkeyBot on Messenger

Yahoo released three of its primary content bots for Facebook last Friday. It is now possible to follow stock market trends, share weather forecasts, and also talk to a selfie loving pet monkey, right on your messenger platform.

We are already familiar with Yahoo Weather, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance. All one needs in order to access these, is to start a new conversation on messenger and type in the name of the particular bot. Through the weather bot, users can set up to three “home locations” and weather conditions in those cities can be accessed or notified about every morning by the bot.


The weather conditions are notified through cool Flickr images, which can be edited to add captions and further be shared on social media sites.

For messenger users looking for a quick market update, the new bot allows you to post a general stock market query or the stock ticker symbol, and the latest real-time information is received immediately.


Users can also set notifications that will keep them notified about particular stocks or funds, or about price hikes and drops. The bot includes additional fun features that allow users to play stock prediction games and to share their prediction or other stock market related information to other users.

The Yahoo News bot will do more than just deliver news to you. It does provide highlights with a headline and an image; In addition to that the links open up a new window that lets users search for other news topics or simply browse trending topics. Users can also request for a detailed reading of a particular topic through the bot.


Finally, the fun MonkeyPet bot allows users to adopt a virtual pet monkey that loves selfies, travel and is all about emojis and fun. The idea behind the bot is just to keep users amused throughout. The pet monkey will tell you when it’s hungry and communicates in a simple funny language. Pretty cool, eh?

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