Interesting Features of Google’s New Android ‘N'

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Android N may not have a name yet, but there has been quite a lot of talk around Google’s next phone and tablet operating system on the Internet. Motorola has confirmed that the Moto G4 Plus will acquire Android N at one point. Google has also been asking Android fans for suggestions of names. It is still in active development and one can try it as part of the N developer preview.

Few confirmed features of the upcoming phone

  1. Multi-window support

Android N is finally addressing users’ need to multitask on phones and tablets. Pressing the task-switching button can enable this feature. Users can now open multiple apps at once on their devices, access the most recently used app, and close all the apps together. The “Clear All” button enables you to close all applications running in the background, and the “Quick Switch” lets you jump to the previously used application with a double tap. Android TV also has a similar feature called picture-in-picture that lets users watch multiple shows simulataneously.

  1. Notifications

Google plans to bring in a convenient method to reply to an incoming message within the notification that appears on the screen. You will not have to switch windows. This feature can be used by apps such as Whatsapp and is convenient for android users.

  1. Change in Settings Menu

The new settings menu will show pending but important set-ups for your phone, and information about the current storage plan, usage, Wi-Fi network and so on. The new quick settings can be seen as soon as you swipe down to view notifications.

  1. Increased Performance

The new graphics API called Vulkan, which can be used in PC gaming, will show progress in graphics and performance. Google also claims that the optimizations to the new JIT compiler will also improve speed up to 600 percent in comparison with the previous versions.

  1. New Keyboard Themes and Emojis

Google is bringing in new themes to its Keyboard – Colors can be added to keyboards, borders can be added or removed between keys and photos can be added to the backdrop of the keyboard. Also, Google is bringing in new emojis and is in the process of adopting emojis to represent professional women in the universal character set.


  1. Virtual Reality

Google is launching a platform called Daydream that will work with a Daydream-certified phone, with a particular kind of display and sensors. The Virtual Reality mode in android, plans to improve performance inside headsets following the “Daydream standard”. Google hopes to create an ecosystem that lets users navigate inside virtual reality. A Daydream home screen will let people access apps and content while using the headset.


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