Instagram Will Soon Bring In Business Insights

It’s good news for marketers from Instagram again! Just like Facebook provides data about a brand’s presence, performance and growth on the social platform, Instagram is testing new analytics that will provide insights for marketers and brands.

Instagram has been brimming with updates throughout the month, and it is growing bigger and better for businesses on the platform. Called Insights, the new analytics will give information about the brand’s followers, when are where they hang around, and the number of views on photos or videos. Similar to Facebook, it will also provide weekly and monthly analytics for posts by the brand. The chart icon in the upper-right corner of the brand’s page, will provide access to Instagram analytics.

Insta 2

The insights section is very similar to that of Facebook’s. Information about the number of impressions, clicks, and post reach can be obtained. The follower activity shows the most popular time when the brand’s followers visit Instagram. The feature will provide marketers an idea about when to schedule posts catered to a particular audience. The Follower Analytics section of Instagram will offer details about the brand’s followers based on various demographics such as age, gender, location, and activities carried out. It allows for narrowing down audience information by country or city. This feature will help brands plan their campaigns and posts around particular time zones and reach out to a larger target audience.

An additional feature to the follower analytics will also provide data about the total number of followers and the followers gained in a particular week. Gender and age breakdown of the followers can also be viewed. Through this update, a deeper insight into what worked and what did not work can be obtained.

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Insights will provide an option to sort the brand’s Instagram posts by the best performing posts for each category and various timelines. The number of impressions will also be displayed as below, providing brands a good idea about the engagement with audience.

insta 6

The insights is expected to launch in a couple of months. With each update, Instagram is moving a step closer to Facebook in terms of catering to businesses and brands.

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