Instagram Tests Business Profiles Similar to Facebook

Various verticals of businesses can be seen on Instagram, promoting their brands through pictures, videos and sponsored content. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, the focus has been on ways to grow businesses on Instagram – It started advertising as Facebook does, and also introduced customised feed similar to Facebook’s. But unlike Facebook for Business, Instagram did not have a page-like format through which details of the business could be conveyed in detail and ease. Brands fit in as much information as possible in the “bio” section of and Instagram profile. The good news is that, it’s about to change. Instagram wants to make it as appealing as possible for businesses to advertise on the forum.

Instagram has confirmed that it is testing three new profile features, catering to business profiles on Instagram.

  • Contact Button

The new business profile will contain a “Contact” Button, similar to the one on a Facebook business page. This button holds two options: “Get Directions’ or ‘Email’. This makes it easier for both potential customers to contact the brand easily on Instagram, and brands to get leads. Many businesses use the “bio” section to give out email addresses, which can likely be marked as spam. The Contact Button also provides users with the ability to get directions to the physical store of the business. Instagram hopes to improve connectivity through the button’s prominent presence in a profile.


  • Location Tag

Currently, brands can only use a geotag in each image. The mapped location of the brand will be soon available via a new hyperlink in the bio. This will make it easier to find the place of operation.


  • Category Option

Brands can soon provide the industry of their product in their business profile page. This feature most resembles a Facebook business page. It will benefit both brands and users, in that, users can get follow recommendations according to the category of a business, and brands can get more leads and presence across profiles.


Instagram is currently testing the above features and the updates are not visible to everyone yet.

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1 thought on “Instagram Tests Business Profiles Similar to Facebook

  1. it’s a wise move. it’s a way to boost the internal monetization by getting equal with Facebook. It’s an open fact that 98 of Facebook’s top 100 advertisers also market on Instagram. It makes a lot of sense to create another channel for those advertisers to advertise their products or services. This move will be crucial for the future planning of Instagram; especially when reports are suggesting that engagement on the platform has declined since it opened up its ad platform to all businesses. But it will be interesting to see how this quasi-Facebook model will negate this little setback in terms of engagement for a giant visual platform which grown from 200 million users in 2014 to 400 million now, with its user base sharing more than 80 million photos on the platform every day.Check out this article for more details… I believe it helps you as well.
    Ankit Runwal, Social Annex

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