Instagram Starts Events Channels Similar to Snapchat Live Stories

Instagram had launched “Stories” last year, which is very similar to the Snapchat feature named the same. This time, it’s Events Channels, which is very similar to Snapchat’s Live Stories. The Events Channel will curate videos captured during specific events and display these videos based on users’ interests, likes, following pages, etc. The channel will be personally tailored for individual users.

The platform had experimented with this feature during Halloween last year; users could watch certain holiday videos. But, with Events Channel, an algorithmic approach to display videos to users is followed.

Instagram Has the Upper Hand?

Instagram may be following every move by Snapchat, but who is the real winner? Instagram has a daily traffic of 300 million users, versus 150 million on Snapchat. This means that if Instagram brings in a mini and better version of Snapchat into the platform, people would probably move away from Snapchat. Also, each time Instagram introduces a similar feature from Snapchat, it adds an additional capability that is more attractive and personal. For instance, Snapchat’s Live Stories show live stories of users in the vicinity and are not customized to each user’s interests. Instagram has a customized channel catering to videos that users would personally prefer. Instagram also recently introduced an algorithm that would filter comments on photos. This addressed the rising complaints from celebrities on the platform of abuses and threats. Snapchat, on the other hand, does not have a commenting system, much to the relief of its major user base.

We do not know yet, whether Snapchat will start making its Live Stories tailor made to users or whether it would simply start providing better and more attractive videos from events users would likely be interested in… But we do know that the battle is likely to go on for a bit before one has a clear advantage over the other.

The feature will be first rolled out in the US.

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