Instagram Launches 1-minute Long Videos for Users

Videos on Instagram are catching up, and the creators of Instagram are making efforts to benefit users and advertisers. Earlier this year, video counts were made visible for users on instagram. This move has encouraged more number of video uploads and video views on Instagram, making it easier for advertisers to sell video ads as well. And now, Instagram allows 60-second long videos to be uploaded and viewed by users.

Instagram is still known as an image-sharing service, and a majority of posts are still images. But then, according to Instagram, users are viewing 40 percent more videos today, inside the app, than they were six months ago. The company also began curating top videos around special occasions and promoting them at the top of the feed. Given that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has made a dramatic push into video, it is only surprising if Instagram did not push towards more videos. Advertisers could already post 60-second ads – so this change wouldn’t impact the ads viewed. Instagram also announced that, it will permit iPhone users to join together bits and pieces of different videos on their phones.

Video Update By Instagram

Social media experts say that, video is the next big step in social media – Snapchat recently announced a video chatting feature, Facebook users watch more than 100 million hours of video each day, Vine videos are becoming increasingly popular and now Instagram also joins the club. Longer Instagram videos will surely benefit the company in competing with other platforms like YouTube.

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