Instagram Introduces New Stickers to its Platform

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The Stories feature of Instagram has a new update on both iOS and Android. Users can now add creative and decorative stickers to their photos and videos. A new sticker button is now available next to the text and drawing tools on the interface you see when you have clicked a new photo or video.

Various customizable stickers are now available for weather, the current time and location. The location stickers work just like the location feature of a normal Instagram post, where users can locate/add a location to their posts. When users select this location sticker, a list of nearby places are displayed, or users can even enter a place manually or use the search function to punch in the name of the location. The difference between the location feature of Instagram Stories and the location feature of a general Instagram feature is that a location tagged to an Instagram Story will not appear on the location’s information page. Users, however, will still be able to interact with the location sticker of a Story and view the map for the location as well as the recent posts of that particular location. These stickers can be customized. They can be moved around, re-sized and can be used in various styles as per the likes of the user. As many number of stickers can be added to a story. Instagram also released holiday-themed stickers and a brush that can be used to make the story and images look festive.


Added to the above features, Instagram also introduced a new “Hands-free” option, which is basically a feature that allows users to begin recording any video with a single tap. Previously users needed to press and hold until the length of the video. Also, on iOS, an option to save an entire story from the past 24 hours as a video to the camera roll is now available.


Instagram is definitely trying to keep up with Snapchat in terms of features in the platform. Such features, although not much of utility value, are definitely a hit among a large number of users, which has made Snapchat appealing. Instagram, definitely, would not want to fall back.

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