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Creating great content is a choice and you can choose to put in some time and work required to create this content and build a great brand. Another way would be to take the easy path and write poor content, with this path ultimately getting you nowhere. A waste of time and energy this exercise would be. The path for content creators has been made clear. To boost SEO rankings and to gain traffic and leads, you will need great content on your website or blog. With original content comes more exposure. For example, Google has made it clear that they will penalize sites that carry duplicated content. This is also seen as Google rewarding sites that carry original content. Hence better, original content makes a better website and improves site rankings, both of which have a positive impact on business. In this blog, we shall be giving some tips for developing great content. Firstly, let’s look at what makes great content
1. Create Original Content
Copying content from elsewhere will result in punishment from Google, crushing the bottom line. Original means originality. Your ideas should be original. Rehashing old concepts or posts over and over again is not original. No one links to rehashed content, defeating the entire purpose of creating it. There are two simple rules under this,  first being ‘You get exactly what you pay for’ and secondly ‘If you don’t have anything useful to say, then please don’t say it at all’. Following these rules will keep you on the path to making quality content that will yield great results int the coming years.
2. Creat Strong Headlines
Good headlines spark interest and invites readers to continue. Statistics say 80% of viewers read headlines, but only 20% read the remaing content, making a good headline essential.
3. Making Content Actionable
Good content gives the user a sense of how to apply and use the available information. By doing this, you respect them and provide them with assurance that they know best how to use the material. Always provide tips on how to apply what you are offering them. Most often, just writing well about a specific topic can spark some ideas for your readers.
4. Be Ready to Provide Answers
when people read a blog post, view an infographic or watch a video — they want an answer to some specific question so they can gain knowledge. And people wants their answers fast, so it is imperative that you make your content easy to find. Great articles leave the reader with a sene of curiosity and make the author give answers with supporting information.
5. Accuracy in Reporting and Sourcing Information.
When a blog is written, thousands of people stumble upon it . Any inaccuracy can do immense damage to your company and your reputation. The blog is a reflection of your company and any issues with the blog impacts the way people view your product. When thinking about accuracy, consider who you link to, how linking to more content can help and how to help search engines out.
6. Thought Provoking Content
An engaged audience absorbs all that you say and it all starts with you and what you have to write. It is important to leave readers with questions, so as to make readers reflect on using the infoemation you have povided. Having an important and promising introduction would urge people to dive into the first few sentences, and then decide if they want to continue. Tell your visitors why they should care about what you are talking about. Make them want to read it. If you provide content that sparks off hundreds of comments, search engines will notice this activity and record it as an important discussion. This is aso a great way to keep search engines coming back regularly to your site.
7. Short and Specific Content
It is recorded that there is nothing better than brief and to-the-point articles that are filled with information. No need to focus on the word count. A longer blog is not a better blog and keeping it short is more difficult and takes more time.
Don’t treat your blog post or any other content site lightly. It is pretty difficult, and good ones need time to research and write. Proper title, grammar, and organization are important. When you proof read, ask yourself if any words need to be taken out and if you have given the best information that you possibly can. Writing good content is not easy, but becomes visibly easier when you write something you are passionate about. Content is timeless, you can write a piece today and years on, it will still be out there, getting viewed, shared and bringing in the traffic.

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