Influencer Marketing and the Benefits

Influencer is a powerful word, right? It sure is. It conveys respect, authority and expertise. An influencer has the power to affect the decisions of other people. People from all spheres of life can act as influencers, but here we shall be talking about online influencers and how they can be used to boost your content strategy. With ‘Influencer Marketing’, you will be using key leaders in the specific industry to promote a brand’s message to wider audience. Instead of promoting content directly to target readers, you will use influencers as mediators. This will then inspire others to check your content without the feeling of being pushed into it.
Influencer campaigns work in two ways. One is you create the content for the influencers blog/website or secondly, the influencer creates it and promotes your website. You may ask, what makes this better than the word-of-mouth strategy? These influencers share their opinions with a huge audience, as they are required to and have the power to influence their actions. That makes this specific type of marketing an important component of content promotion. Read the following tips to develop your campaign:
Identifying Influencers-
Before you can develop an influencer marketing campaign, you need to identify who influences the opinions and actions of your target audience. This step involves some detective work. Talk to people interested in the niche you’re part of. Then, search for influential blogs, Twitter users, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn resumes. Once you identify few names, create a list of priorities and put influencers with the greatest authority at the top.
Building Relationships-
Follow the social media pages of all influencers identified by you.Now, focus on few at a time and do your best to build a relationship with them. You can achieve this by commenting on their posts on blogs and social media posts, but don’t be too aggressive. Commenting on the blog for the first week, proceeded by following and responding to Twitter updates during the second week, and making progress towards the Facebook page later on should be a good strategy. This should be a natural connection as it has a marketing purpose in the background. Before you can get an influencer to promote your brand, you need to become visible and recognizable to them.
Ask Influencers to Write on your Blog-
This should be the most challenging aspect of influencer marketing. First of all, you need an awesome website and you need to make it popular through different marketing techniques. Remember the old rule which says ‘ Content is the key to success’. You need to create unique, quality articles that solve problems of your audience. In this case, there are some resources where you can find a professional content creator. It may take you years to get influencers to write free articles for you, as nobody has said anything about developing a brand being easy. Once you get there, you can start inviting influencers, recording podcasts and videos, or contributing to your website with eBooks. In the end, you get great content and visits from the influencer’s audience, and they get a chance to showcase their expertise with the everyone getting awesome tips.
Get Reviews Written by Influencers-
This method is similar to the one above with a few small differences. You still need to develop a recognizable brand before proceeding, so the influencer will be willing to accept your offer. This time, you offer a package of services for free, and you ask them to write an honest review.
Content is all over the Internet and every single industry is busy. So it takes lots of effort to differentiate yourself from the crowd. When you enrich your PR content strategy with influencer outreach, they will market for you!

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