Increasing Organic Traffic in 2017

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Today, business owners understand both, the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and the sheer potential for transforming visitors into long-term customers. But the issue lies in finding strategies that work. We have compiled a list of proven strategies that have led to business growth.
1. Connect with Influencers – Building relationships with influencers in your domain can have incredible advantages. Who doesn’t like getting recognition? An added benefit of influencers in your content is that you build an ongoing relationship with them and can continue working together in the future.
2. Use Facebook groups– There are thousands of groups related to marketing on Facebook with vast majority being open to anyone interested in joining. If you become friends with group owners, you have an amazing source of organic traffic. And the word spreads fast in a group. You also have additional benefits like general awareness and you may even be followed by other influencers.
3. Prioritize keywords– Having a strong keyword strategy is important as it not only increases traffic but increases traffic that converts. Identifying the keywords to rank for is a strategy in itself.
4. Create noteworthy content– Creating the best piece of content on a given topic and using outreach to get returning links, reply posts & guest posts is a sure fire way.
5. Track your competitors– If your competitors are already ranking for all of the same keywords and they are getting lots of organic traffic, then they are doing something right.
6. Use affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing strategies are best for both parties. It’s a win-win situation as affiliates get content as well as affiliate commissions, and you become a regular contributor. It’s much easier than sending cold post pitches.
7. Use data and metrics– Start tapping into your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to find out what content on your website is performing well and converting. Chances are, if a blog post is already convincing people to buy your product, you should focus on optimizing that post.
8. Mention other businesses– Reaching out to companies lets them know you gave them a shout-out and usually results in additional social shares.
9. Use visual content– Infographic design, video productions and slides on Slideshare have an immense potential in increase revenue. Best thing is there are plenty of graphic design tools that can make this process easier and faster.
10. Tag people in your tweets– Tag relevant people to encourage them to click the link or find people who have tweeted similar content in the past and tag them in your tweets. Or both.
11. Take advantage of high DA sites– Content collaborations are a great way to build quality links on sites that have high domain authority. You can google which sites accept guest contributions and pitch them ideas you think their audiences will like. Many sites have a contributions form that you need to be filled out first.
12. Target keywords one at a time– One strategy is to focus on one short-tail keyword at a time that relates to your product. Then develop content around that short keyword and create a central hub post that can be promoted. Ranking high for short keywords eventually helps you rank for longer phrases or concepts that include your specific keyword and helps one in staying ahead of the competition
13. Update existing content– If you have content that was published years ago, chances are that the information it provides may be outdated. Update and improve old blog posts that have lost rankings. Republishing content is a good way to get new subscribers to view the old. This is known to provide a quick burst of organic traffic.
14. Identify already-ranking content– If you are using a tool to track your keywords, make a note of which content is ranking in the first three pages and not necessarily at what is at the top of a search page. The quickest way to boost organic traffic is to identify content on your site that is already ranking in Google’s first three pages for relevant keywords, and then further expand and optimize the content around those keywords.
15. Get social shares– The more popular an article is on social, the more organic traffic it receives. This is an indication that Google does pay attention to social signals. More the attention an article on social gets the more likely it is to earn back-links. This social media engagement also provides is a lower overall bounce rate. Either way, investing in promotion in social media is a must.
These are not the only strategies that work towards increasing your traffic, but they have proven themselves time and again. Why don’t you share with us your take on this exercise or what you have done in the past to build your traffic?

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