How to Make a Compelling Case Study

Case studies are easily one among the most valuable tools that every business should possess to improve as well as to prove themselves. They help in creating a realistic example of a company’s typical customer. The quality of a case study is likely to determine who your customers are going to be and also the amount of trust that they put in your business. It gives an internal study of how well the business is performing.

How does one create a compelling case study? How does one make sure that he/she is highlighting the right aspects of their services or products to the customer? Few critical components of a Customer Case Study are as follows:

Pick Right

A case study is a compelling business story. So it is important to choose a customer who will tell your story well. Picking a customer for whom you have provided significant and quantifiable results will help prospects recognize the value of your product or service. A prospect who has read your case study should feel that you are comfortable in their industry and know how to give their industry the targeted results.

No Guesswork

A quality case study should be very straight about what information is contained in it, as well as the results that will follow. The title of the case study should encapsulate the essence of the case study. The fastest way to grab a prospect’s attention is to get straight to the point and not beat around the bush.

      Initial steps that you could follow:

  1. A quick overview of the business model of the customer you worked with.
  2. Initial challenges faced by the customer.
  3. Solutions desired by the customer.
  4. Highlighting the different solutions provided by your company – which you will eventually demonstrate in the further slides.

Clear and Continuous Story

The case study should have various small components that relate to each other to eventually show the big picture/solution. The components or steps should not feel disconnected in the eyes of a prospect customer. Too les or too much is bad. A step-by-step breakdown of your story is important so that you don’t confuse the reader. Also, in the process do not forget to provide good content formatting for your work – one that includes headers, imagers, and bulletin points when necessary. This makes it easier for the reader to find the important elements of the case study

Personalise the case study

Appealing to the reader’s emotion is a great way to make an impressive case study. Including interviews/quotes to highlight a particular customer’s experience provides a peer validation for the readers of your case study. It is a good idea to get reviews jotted down from the customer before and after the implementation.

Back it up with Graphical Stats

In order for the reader to quickly grasp what is happening, it is a good idea to provide a pictorial representation of the numbers included in the case study. Any claim made should be backed with a related screenshot of the actual data. The clearer the information, more credible you become to the prospect.

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