Hacks To Automate Your Marketing

For business owners or CMO’s, workdays are very very hectic. Meetings, upcoming campaigns and ensuring goals are met are just the starting of the list. Balancing everything, and making sure the right audience is reached at the right time make it all the more tricky. This is why many companies are turning to marketing automation. Or it can be looked at as marketing your business without having it take over your schedule. Although it presently is the best way to build a brand online, it is also a major time commitment. There are many components like search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, online ads and more which contribute to effective digital marketing. And these are overwhelming tasks to handle alone. Automating marketing tasks are also known to cut overhead expenditure by up to 12%. Despite being tricky, here are 4 hacks that can be used to keep your marketing activities running smoothly.

  1. SEO
    Important SEO activities include analyzing competitor back-links and keyword research, which can be time consuming. A good quality SEO software can handle both, and other tedious tasks on your website. The downside of using a SEO software is ending up with bad back-links, when attention is not paid. Having a professional handle the software would be beneficial to your website.
  2. Email Marketing
    The modern tools available today make it possible to build emails by using just a drag and drop feature. Fine tuning on your campaign will help you set up campaigns where the emails reach subscribers depending on
    their behaviors, interactions and even time in their home country.
  3. Content Curation – As you know, high quality content is what brings visitors to your online properties. And it also known that high quality content cannot be created in a jiffy. Time has to be spent creating it yourself,
    or from an outside source. One alternative is sharing other people’s cotent, which is also known as content curation. Hootsuite is a popular tool for finding content to curate and scheduling when to post it.
  4. Inbound Marketing – Use the services of ‘inbound marketing software’ companies. HubSpot is one such company. This helps you go from the traditional outbound marketing approach using ads and emails , to an inbound approach where customers come to you. Most service providers offer a range of services to bring in more clients, and also carry analytical tools to track your results.

When the time comes, do plenty of research or read reviews to find that automation tool which works best for you. The key to marketing a business successfully is automating tasks so that high priority work can be focussed
upon. With the above hacks you will have less to do with digital marketing and more with strategy, which makes it possible to focus on core business.

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