Guide to Designing an Engaging Quiz

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The early 90’s had people being exposed to roughly 2000 ads per day, and today the number is sure to have crossed 6000. Which is why they say people are being bombarded with content from all directions. So how does a marketer cut through the noise while generating content? One answer would be quizzing. Its main goal in content marketing is to increase conversions on a website. These forms of interactive content have been studied and have shown an improvement of up to 50% with conversions when compared to sign up forms, or similar static content.

Another question is who can use quizzes? Can everyone do it? Yes, they can. Although it is best to deploy them at the various stages of the sales funnel, it is imperative that you identify your target audience and organize content accordingly. What are some tips to bear in mind while starting off? Let’s check.

1. Attention to Design – Remember, you will be using this quiz to reflect your company and methodology. For inspiration on colors look towards your logo. Select a background having plenty of color variation, with which you should now be having an attractive template. See how some other international entities conduct online quizzes and start off. Alignment, font consistency, and ease of use are critical. Including media like GIF’s or videos add variety and prevent redundancy. Add media where you observe contestants dropping off from your quiz. You have hundreds of websites to find images to be used online, like Giphy and Unsplash.

2. Mobile Friendly – Till now people have taken more quizzes on mobile than on the web, according to a study. And this trend is sure to continue, given the developments in mobile technology and faster internet. It could get challenging as you start to embed a quiz onto a website. Luckily, you have embed codes that are responsive and can be included on the website, without the requirement of vast technical knowledge. Make sure that the quiz looks good on small and big screens.

3. User-Friendly – Today, the viewer’s attention is getting shorter with every passing day. This is mainly because of the billions of things happening every day. Although it is imperative that you focus on the audience, or on their interests, keeping a piece of interactive content short, sweet, and to the point becomes critical to audience retention. Between five and ten slides should be a healthy number for a quiz. This would usually take between 2 and 3 minutes. Stretch beyond this and your audience would most likely drop off. Make the quiz too challenging and the audience would just close the whole experience. Talk with the audience, and not at them. You would not want them to feel stupid. So keep the difficulty at a level which would screen out 30% of participants.

4. More Variety – As you compete with other marketing tactics, you must do everything possible to capture attention and control it. Mix the style of questions in the quiz. Use picture choices, multiple choice questions, and drag scale questions. This ensures your audience is paying attention and not just skimming through.

Competition is stiff in the virtual world, but a quiz when created right makes your content rise above the others, giving your marketing efforts an easy boost.

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