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Understanding where growth is possible is the first step towards creating a growth model. Although business modelling and growth marketing are both similar, the latter is a tool for prioritizing your work and assisting in decision making, while the former helps with predicting revenue. Going through the basics of this model, focus on the metrics that matter and understand the channels which assist with customer acquisition. Like any business model, whatever the metric is, it needs to have a positive impact on revenue and customer value. This video throws light on how start ups and small businesses thrive in a constantly changing digital landscape, while accelerating growth for their business. To start off, lets take a look at Andy Young speaking about Building a Growth Model, at the GrowthMarketing Conference London – 2017, a specialized, curated event just for B-2-B growth marketers.


Following this model, businesses have become more sophisticated with respect to growth and operations. Share your observations in the comments section below, while we look forward to hearing from you.

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