Google’s New Travel App – Trips

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Google is literally close to tapping everything an online user could possibly need – The search engine giant recently launched the “Google Trips” app that would help plan one’s travel and also keep track of everything about the travel.

The app is the result of over two years’ hard work on improving Google’s travel products. It is basically a trip planner and a travel guide to help people plan trips to new destinations.

Highlights of Google Trips

  1. The app is available on both android and iOS for free
  2. The app is accessible offline
  3. Once the plane tickets and hotel reservations are decided, the app will help users organize their itinerary and offer editorial guides to over 200 cities
  4. Offer customized recommendations based on the users’ Google history

The app syncs a user’s Gmail account to the app, and hence is updated with upcoming and previous travel information. Users will be required to download the city’s travel guide in the app before visiting, so that the features can be accessed offline and anytime within the app. The app has the capability to recognize that the user is making multiple location visits on the same trip and would organize the information for the users’ convenience. It will, for example, provide information or recommendations of the local places to eat or drink, hospitals nearby, traditions of the city, and so on. The “Reservations” tab in the app stores all the travel information from trips, and does not require the users to manually type in information into it; the tab is automatically filled in when a confirmation email for a trip is sent to the respective Gmail account. All information is updated in real time within the app.

Another attractive feature of the app is the “Day Plans” that compiles useful real time information from Google to plan a user’s day in a city. This features lets users choose from a list of pre-planned routes and plan their itinerary accordingly, and once users finalize on their locations, the app plans the most feasible route to get to the locations while providing details and further tourist-useful information about the locations.


The app is currently being tested on a group of users, and we will have to wait patiently for the rollout to assess further. However, it does look like Google will soon deliver an efficient and easy to use travel tool for its large user base.

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  1. I hope that the new google travel app is released soon. The new features that they are adding in the app will make it very useful for the people who usually travel in different places. Thanks for sharing the news about the app.

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