Google’s New Tool Lets You Test and Improve Your Website

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Let’s face it – Google understands what works for a website and what doesn’t best. Last week, the search engine giant launched a new tool that would test and measure your website performance across all devices.

As smartphone users ourselves, we certainly understand the need to have a website that is not just website-friendly, but also quick to show results. On an average, people around the world check their phones 150 times per day; the number is only going to shoot up with more number of businesses going mobile. Statistics show that users perform more number of searches on mobile than they do on a desktop. Also, they are less patient with searches on a mobile – a potential customer is 5 times more likely to leave a poor performing website on mobile. The whole idea behind the new business-friendly tool by Google is to make it easier for small businesses to test the basic health of their website, without having to go to different websites for specific tests.

This tool will run a basic test on your website and provide scores for mobile and desktop speed (as opposed to sites that only tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not), and mobile-friendliness, all in one page. You can also get a free comprehensive report on how flaws can be addressed and where to go for help at no cost, on how the site can be made more mobile friendly and faster, and so on. This report can also be shared with your Webmaster to help plan future strategies.

Here’s a screenshot of sample scores provided by Google:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 20.54.45

Here’s a sneak peak into a sample report that Google would later provide:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 21.04.34
How Google Assigns Scores:

  1. Mobile Friendliness

The score will indicate the quality of experience users will have while browsing the website. It will depend on the ease in navigation between pages, the presence of tappable buttons, and the prominent display of the most important information in the small screen.

  1. Mobile Speed

This score will depend on the site load time on mobile devices. It is useful to understand that the site load time is not only dependent on the strength of the users’ web connection, but also various elements of the website.

  1. Desktop Speed

This score will depend on the site load time on desktops.

Want to know your score? Test your website here, and let us know if it helped on the comments section below.

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