Google's Allo Chat Now Available in Beta

On a previous blog post, we had talked about Google’s plan to introduce the Allo app, a smart messaging app into the market. Only recently (September 21st, 2016) did Allo launch for both iOS and android. Although, the app previously sounded just like another messenger or iMessage, this app has functionalities that include search which isn’t prominent in any other similar app.

Allo has both Google Assistant and search capabilities which enable users of the app to search for locations locally using maps, to get information on various verticals such as politics, sports, weather, and so on, to conduct local searches, to book hotels or reserve a table at a restaurant, to get ideas for travel, to book a ride and many more. Sounds cool? That’s not it. The app also lets users do voice searches on it and retrieve search queries in a better manner than users can with Google web. Allo is more location based with its search results.


 “We’re starting with a preview edition to show you just one way that your Assistant will work for you in chat. Over the coming months, your Assistant will be available in more Google products, working seamlessly throughout your day at home or on the go. The Assistant will initially be available in English, with more languages coming soon.”, says Google.

With the introduction of Google Assistant, it seems likely that Google Now will soon be out of the picture. The voice aspect of Google Assistant clearly has a better command over the capabilities of Google Now. However, since Allo is still in its beta stage, it is too early to tell what will work and what will not.

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