Google Tag Manager Gains Support for AMP Containers

Google has been bringing in several improvements over the past few months – improvements to enterprise workflows and security features, launch of a new mobile SDK, and so on. This week, Google also announced its improved efforts that make mobile tagging easier via Google Tag Manager with the help of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Accelerated Mobile Pages will now be supported in Google Tag Manager and can be used to simplify the whole tag deployment process on AMP sites. Previously, Google did have ways to measure AMP pages, but now, in addition to Google Analytics, AMP containers in Tag Manager provide support across Google’s ad platforms that include AdWords and DoubleClick. Users would need to create a specific container for AMP in order to manage their setup; it makes sense, since AMP in general follows a whole different set of rules in comparison to normal pages. Google has also put together the most used AMP triggers as built-in Tag Manager triggers, making it easier to use tags. 20 different tag types and 3rd party vendor tags will be made available built-in. The built in variables will track user activity to know how far the user has scrolled across the page, and so on. Here is a full list of supported tags in Tag Manager.


Google Analytics also announced integrations between Tag Manager and Google’s platform for mobile developers called Firebase. Henceforth, when users are in a Firebase mobile container, new options will be made available while setting up triggers. A new section “Firebase Automatic Events” will be shown if a user’s container identifies Android or iOS. Google also suggests that developers implement both general and suggested events by app type, which will help them use parameters in tags easily.

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When a particular event is selected, the list of the available parameters pertaining to the event is displayed – this way you do not need to remember parameters and their respective events.

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