Google Search Trends Coming Out Soon?

First noticed by Samantha from Mashable, Google is testing trending searches on its mobile platform.

Several reports indicate that, as one starts to type into the search box, a drop down list containing the latest trends (with the trending icon alongside) in search are being displayed. This includes suggested videos as well. Clicking on one of the suggested searches, takes users to a collection of related topics. The trending topics have become very popular on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is not surprising that Google plans to keep its device users engaged by adopting it to search as well.

Google’s suggested search trends tested on the iOS device of a senior editor at Mashable :

Google’s ad revenue relies heavily on mobile search, and hence, this change is one among many add-ons Google has been bringing into mobile search for the past one year. About 90 percent of mobile users use apps these days – usage of Google search is coming down. In order to drive users away back to its platform Google has been introducing many cool features to its search platform – including a carousel of videos within search results, twitter cards on related topics, the ability to download related mobile apps directly within search, and now search trends.

Google has not made an official declaration regarding this. The feature is currently reported to being tested temporarily among a small pool of users, who report that the feature disappeared after a while.

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