Google Releases AdWords Editor Version 11.7

Google released a new version of the AdWords Editor (version 11.7) on 5th December 2016. Needless to say, this version has a bunch of new features that makes an advertiser’s job easier and helps create a better experience for the audience. Here is a brief update on the list of new features available:

Export Expanded Text Ads as Responsive Ads

Expanded text ads and responsive ads were designed for a mobile-first world. With the new update, you can export text ads into expanded text ads or responsive ads.

Location Extensions

Location extensions show your business address, hours of service, ratings and phone number. With the new update, you can add location extensions at the campaign and ad group level.

Bumper Ads

The bumper ads help you create a more immersive experience for your audience with short video messages of 6 seconds or less. These videos have to be hosted on YouTube.

Gmail Multi-product Promotion Template

Native Gmail ads were introduced by Google in September 2015. Gmail ads allowed only single promotion templates until last Monday; with the new update you can run ads with multi-product promotion templates with a provision to add up to 6 items for your ad.

Square Images for Responsive Ads

Google now supports square images for responsive ads.

More Frequency Options for Video Campaign

With the new update, you can control the frequency capping of your video ads at a ‘per ad group’ and a ‘per ad’ level in addition to the ‘per campaign’ level.
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