Google Introduces Some Exciting New Features

Google Translate recently announced new updates for both Android and iOS, which would make translating languages easier on mobile.

Tap to Translate
Through this update, the nuisance of copy-pasting text between apps and Google translate is eliminated. All one needs to do is to copy the text that needs to be translated and click on the Google translation window that automatically pops up in the app that the user is using. Tapping this window will open a small box that translates this text and provides the option to hear the word or even change the language then and there; thus enabling the translation to happen immediate without the need to switch apps or exit the current app. This update is available for all phones that have an Android operating system. The tap to translate feature works offline with any app as long as the language pack is downloaded ahead.

According to Google, this feature will work on any app, whether it is a chat app or a browser, as long as you can highlight and copy the text. Google offered similar translations before, but it was limited to certain apps.

Word Lens Update

Word Lens app, which was developed last year by Quest Visual and later acquired by Google, uses a built-in-camera on the phone to scan and identify foreign language text. Google now supports visual translation of both simplified text and Chinese

Offline Mode on iOS

The offline mode translation workout only on android phones previously. Google translator now works offline on iOS as well, and uses small offline packages similar to the ones in Android. The offline mode can be set by tapping the arrow next to the language name to download the package for the language. The packages have been shrunk by 90 percent, to about 25 MB each. Post download, one could do text translations irrespective in offline mode. Google recently add Filipino to its offline language pack, bringing the total number of offline language to 52 on both iOS and Android.

Google Launches Gboard

Google launched a new keyboard app that makes it easier to search for content, images and emojis directly from the on-screen keyboard of the handset. This feature is available only in iOS.

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