Google Analytics Opens a Demo Account

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Anyone familiar with Google Analytics will know the importance of  real-world analytical data the platform provides. Although there are many courses and guides that would help people learn Google Analytics in theory, for the first time ever, the platform is opening a demo account that will help users gain the experience required in the platform through practical application of resources.

The Demo Account will be a fully functional account and will contain all the features users are most likely to implement, such as, AdWords linking, Goals and Enhanced Ecommerce. The data in this account comes from the Google Merchandise Store and the access level for users in the account is restricted to “read and analyze”; the data in the account cannot be modified. Users can also remove themselves from the account if need be.

Five prominent features of the GA Demo Account

  1. Access standard reports required to analyze the data


  1. Google Analytics Filters to make changes to reports


  1. Property settings – Demographic & Interests, AdWords integrated and Search Console reports

Property Name and Default URL are set up logically. Also, Enhanced Link Attribution, Search Console and Demographic and Interest reports are all enabled.

  1. Custom data and dimensions

Hit, session and user level dimensions have been set up by Google. Application of custom dimensions helps users analyse data more precisely.

  1. Event data and calculated metrics

This feature helps in understanding and comparing real time business data, audience, behaviour, conversion performance and acquisitions.
Things you CANNOT do with the GA Demo Account

  1. No Collaboration – Users cannot share assets or view the assets shared with them.
  2. No Data Extraction – Users cannot extract data from here using API. They have to stick with Google Analytics.

You can opt in for a demo account here.
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