Google Analytics Enables Property Moving Between Accounts

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Google recently added a new feature that would help users manage their accounts more efficiently. The new feature allows users to “move” Google Analytics/Analytics 360 properties from one account to another account.

This property allows for users to simplify their accounts by giving them the flexibility to house properties among accounts. Users who have been using Google Analytics for a long time may have several properties created and stored in one account. With the introduction of this feature, users can consolidate/group properties based on similarity or use and transfer them across accounts; thus simplifying access and use. Roll-up Reporting is another feature that helps users collect data from multiple properties and aggregate them in a single account. Users could then use the property-moving feature to organize the data and properties in such a way that related properties are put under one account. This way same filters to views can be applied to all these properties in one shot. Also, “Change History” can be used to see all properties from the same account.

Steps to move a property between accounts

The user will need an administrator access to both the account from where the property is being transferred from and the account to which the property is being transferred to.

  • Go to “Property Settings” page under the Admin section and click on “Move Property” in the top right corner to select and move the property to a different account.
  • Click on the drop down to select from a list of accounts, the account to which the property needs to be moved.
  • Once the destination account is selected, the user will be prompted on whether he/she wants to keep the existing permission and access rights of the former account or replace the permissions with those of the destination account.

The moving property feature does not require retagging and can be carried out in the Admin section itself.

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