Google AdWords Allows Advertisers to Target Specific Email IDs

Google now lets advertisers upload email lists to target customers and similar audiences with ads on search, Gmail and YouTube. The new feature – called ‘Customer Match’, works by uploading a list of email addresses, which are then matched to signed-in users on Google, to let advertisers build campaigns and ads that are specifically designed for this audience. The platform also lets advertisers generate a list using the ‘Similar Audiences’ feature, to target new (but with similar tastes) customers on YouTube and Gmail that might be interested in the product.
Advertisers have been able to serve ads to site visitors and customers with display ads using retargeting lists captured in Google Analytics. Another product, Retargeting Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), allows users to bid on and serve ads tailored to audiences when they search on Google. Retargeting lists are built with cookies, which users can delete or block and aren’t suited for mobile. Email addresses and user sign-ins, on the other hand, are more stable across devices.
The Customer Match offering is Google’s equivalent of Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences, respectively. Enabling CRM uploads and targeting has been incredibly successful for Facebook, and arguably for Twitter, as well.
Similar Audiences
In addition to reaching existing segments such as newsletter subscribers, recent buyers or loyalty program participants, advertisers will also be able to target new prospects with an expansion of Similar Audiences.
Similar Audiences already exists for retargeting lists on the Google Display Network. The product builds lists of users based on browsing activity on sites in the Display Network, as well as contextual signals from users in the retargeting lists to find new users with shared interests and characteristics.
Now, those lists can also be built based on the activity of CRM audiences.
Similar Audiences for Customer Match lists can be targeted on YouTube and Gmail.
To get started on creating a customer email list for targeting, check out Google’s step-by-step guide.
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