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Recommendations are important if you would like to see people try out something new. Newbies instinctively look for top reviews before trying anything. But if an acquaintance says they tried something new and had fun doing it, you would probably follow suit. As a decision maker, the recommendation mattered a lot and you went ahead with the transaction. In today’s scenario, 95% of visitors go through reviews before making a purchase and half of those who do this, trust only 4 stars and more. So quality of reviews matter to everyone. Getting 5 stars takes time in any industry as trust has to be built with good business practices. But social proof can be seen as uncontrollable as consumers feel and say what they want about your business,although you have done everything according to the book. Every activity conducted by a business should be measured and valued, and that makes ignoring reviews and leaving them to chance a very bad decision. There are ways with which you can win favorable reviews. So how does one go about this? The first step is to understand how a review affects your business and bottom line. You should be aware of this as you have put in a lot of sweat and money. It has also been concluded using data that reviews are very important. For example, a fan manufacturer convinced a whole township of people to reduce expenditure by purchasing fans in place of air conditioners. They did this by presenting proof that the neighbors were doing it, and that was it. Research shows that consumers tend to spend more if reviews place you in the positive. Revenue also increases by up to 30% if they are visible. Bad reviews hurt business and adversely impact online performance. If you’ve noticed a dip in business numbers in the past, then it could be possible that you might have had an issue with your online review mechanism. This is because even one down-vote is seen to cause a drop in business. And negative reviews,  while being easily visible to all, also brings down morale and momentum. Even with previous customers, negative reviews do not sit well. Positive reviews drive loyalty and customer satisfaction by 18% and 21% respectively. Now we’ll share some tips about how you can drive good reviews and position yourself at the top.

  • Find The Right Positioning Platform  – Although there are a number of review posting sites today, not all  are perceived as similar, or equal. Examples are those of Yellow Pages, which is a monster of business listings. But customers do not refer to the Yellow pages as a place to review, or know more about some unknown business. A business owner needs to look for reviews on sites where conversions are higher. Finalize on popular sites and the process of leaving a review must be straight-forward. Today, the top sites where influential reviews are placed should be Google, Yelp and Facebook . These are suitable for local businesses and are digital lifelines for many. Although statistics vary, a very big chunk service-related industries referred to these three reviewing sites. And if you, the owner of a local business, are not getting any reviews then it can be due to two reasons. Either finding your business is difficult, or you just don’t have a presence there. But these issues are easy fixes. Facebook is very popular with over 2 billion users, and being liked here is a necessity. Then again, if the review posting process is not easy, you shouldn’t be expecting any. Do not make it difficult for the customer to move on. Create a friction-less experience where the visitor will be able to click, complete a review and move on. But if they have to do a lot of searching, then momentum is lost. Visibility is the first step towards success. To do this go to your Page Settings tab, select Edit Page button to toggle “Reviews,” and activate it. As Facebook pages are based on the selected templates, not all of them show reviews. Select the template that  suits your business, or just select the default ‘business’ page version.
    Next comes Yelp, where failing to have a comment section for a local business is a no-no. They have case studies to prove the effectiveness of having a profile on yelp. The folks at Yelp weigh the reviewers history, their feedback and quality of the review to decide on how to use them while rating. Although asking for reviews is not to be done, you can always ask customers to check your business out on Yelp. As you interact with customers you can easily direct them towards Yelp. Just one of many ways they stand out as recommendation source. The Yelp badge can also be included onto email signatures. Google, with My Business, also offers a free listing. It also makes it easier for customers to review you. As a last step just claim that you are the owner of the business with a verification step. Once you are done with this, you’ll be appearing on Google business listing category. Finally let’s take a look at some techniques you can adopt to win good quality social verification.
  • Request For Reviews – You may feel awkward, but really, it is not a uncommon practice. As simple as receive an email, click on the review tab and add comments. If a customer approaches the business owner and lets him know that the product was great, then one shouldn’t hesitate to ask whether the customer would like to leave an online review.
  • Don’t Fret Over Negative Reviews – Don’t ever, as a business owner, attack a bad reviews. Business owners tend to get emotional over negative feedback. And if you return with a negative comment of your own, or with no comment, future prospects may think twice before doing any business with you. Instead, use the opportunity to clarify and provide more information regarding your policy on sub standard services. Maintaining professional courtesy will help here. And this is just an opportunity to start chatting with prospects and customers.
  • Optimize Existing Social Evidence – Today’s businesses are showing customer reviews on home pages. This is known to put new prospects at ease with the brand that they are getting into business with. The short statements from happy customers help improve conversion rates. It also builds trust while urging readers to dig deeper into the offerings and reviews. We highly recommend taking some of these reviews and leaving them across the website to encourage further reviews and improve conversion. Use a variety of client testimonials. It builds trust and urges visitors to dig deeper into your product. Also arrange for additional activities to prompt further reviews.
  • Employee Incentives – Business owners are tempted to use freebies as a medium to attract favorable reviews. But this is not the best idea. There are instances where the regulatory authorities have intervened and curbed such activities along with hefty fines for falsifying reviews. Instead you can provide incentives to employees, which would be a great way to get some positive reviews. Also train the team to ask for positive reviews, which would give your employees some valuable feedback regularly. Offer prizes or special perks to employees with the most reviews.

Reviews are vital to new businesses in various industries. Millions see them and they play an important part. In business, it can be difficult to do everything. To get good reviews, which is good business in many ways, as many consumers look towards reviews prior to making a decision. Prioritize customer reviews on different platforms. And take time to ensure they’re set in a an easy way. Also be proactive in the approach towards getting more favorable reviews. Move out and ask questions as you meet with customers. Use negative feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve. Optimize existing social evidence to encourage customers to leave reviews. Train team members
to support you in acquiring new reviews daily. Hard work ensures positive results and it feels good to get there and start seeing the customers coming in due to this. 

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