Few Tips to Boost Your YouTube Ranking on Search

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With over 200,000 videos uploaded per day, and an average of over 100 hours of videos uploaded on it per minute, YouTube is without doubt a platform with plenty of potential. It is filled with viewers of various interests and objectives. But, it is also true that it is extremely crowded – which means the competition in this space is huge. Read on to learn few tips that will help you face competition on YouTube and rank better on search.

  • Understanding why people would want to view your videos – Content Matters

YouTube has an algorithm of its own to rank videos on the site. For instance, if a user opens a video and presses exit within the first few seconds, YouTube is likely to penalize the video. Also, remember, people mostly come to YouTube for content – to seek help with something, to watch funny videos or to learn something new. This is where most YouTube marketers go wrong. They use the platform for hard selling. It is wise to focus on providing good content in the videos rather than merely focusing on increasing views.

  • File Name, Tags and Categories

It is important that the title of the video and the file name match before the video is live. This helps search engine in easily indexing the video. Also, tagging is useful in identifying videos of a particular category. One can list out specific tags that contain the main keywords for the video and general tags that contain general and matching keywords for the video. It is beneficial if appropriate categories are identified and tagged under for the videos. While adding tags to the video, one should remember that users can misspell their search keywords and hence the tags should include possible misspelled keywords/phrase.

  • Title of the Video

The surprise element in the content of the video never works. It is advisable to keep the title of the video in close synch with the content of the video. The best way to decide on the title of a video is to decide from a user’s perspective. For instance, if I sell cosmetic products online, and I want better search engine ranking for my YouTube videos that offer make up tutorials using the product, I would want to know what users generally search for. This is where the “auto complete” feature of Google and YouTube helps.

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The auto-complete feature is providing me with data about what users most frequently search for using certain keywords. These keywords can be then used as part or whole of your video title.

  • Description of the Video

YouTube/Google cannot yet watch and verify the content in your videos. Hence, it is critical that the description is apt and highlights the important keywords. Few pointers for a good description are as follows:

  1. If you have multiple videos, it is advisable to use different descriptions for each of them. YouTube doesn’t encourage duplicate content.
  2. The description should incorporate a minimum of 200 words of relevant content.
  3. If you are a website owner, add a link to your website in the description.
  4. Use auto-complete feature to best optimize the description for most frequently searched keywords
  • Custom Thumbnails

The thumbnail of a video is not usually given much importance, but it is critical for engagement. The click-through-rate is proven to increase with relevant custom thumbnails than with the auto-set one. A thumbnail that stands out (possibly with bright colors and relevant picture) is likely to get clicked for the related query searched.

  • Leverage Tools and Social Media

Tools such as Google Display Planner will provide keyword ideas and also provide other statistics around competition, most searched keywords, average searches of a particular keyword and so on. Incorporating the right keywords using the statistics in your video can positively affect ranking. Also, since every smartphone user is on social media, it is a good idea to synch your YouTube account to your social media account so that every time a new video is posted, it is automatically syndicated across all accounts. It gets easier to reach out to a larger audience group through social media.

Do you have any tips to improve ranking of YouTube videos on search? Do post your comments in the “comments” section below.

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