Few SEO Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

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Website owners often focus too much on the design and ranking of the website that they are blinded by the temporary pushing up of ranks. It is vital that healthy SEO practices are regularly carried out to sustain long-term visibility. Here is a list of common SEO mistakes that website owners must definitely avoid :

  1. Manipulative links

A lot of marketers engage in what is called a “link scheme” that involves artificially boosting the SEO ranking by building links artificially. It involves a number of link exchanges, buying links, building links from various sources and the use of exact-match keyword anchor text in these link, in order to trick Google into boosting the company’s SEO ranking. But, it is useful to note that Google has a team dedicated to digging out such artificial links every day, and the penalty for such website links is high.

  1. Not incorporating analytics

SEO is not just about the traffic your website receives, it is also about the number of conversions that result out of the website visits. In order to succeed in that, it is recommended to track keywords that convert better and strategize around that – Using analytics to setup conversion tracking for keywords will provide useful insights that will help optimize your site.

  1. Not focusing on site speed

Statistics show that an average user does not have the patience to wait for over two seconds for a page to load. You could expect him/her to head for the back button to find other links. Because of its importance to a user, Google also uses site speed as an important SEO ranking factor. It is recommended to incorporate tools such as Page Speed Insights and GT Metrix, which help one analyze the website’s speed and provide solutions to improvise.

  1. Not focusing on local SEO

It is important to have local SEO so that you are easily visible to customers who google to find the physical address of the business, directions, operating hours or even phone number of your business. Online tools such as Moz Local, help you analyze and list your business in directories or listings and manage your local SEO.

  1. Not having unique title tags

Each page of your website should have a unique title. A lot of businesses have all their pages under the same title, despite the emphasis on unique titles by Google. The title should not exceed 65 characters in length and the website name should be included in each page title. Also, it’s a bonus if you description is unique and attractive to the user, and is true to its word.

  1. Not inter-linking pages

Most website owners avoid making internal links because they are not aware of how important internal links are for SEO. Inter-linking the pages of a website together helps a user in discovering about a specific subject on your website better. Also, search engine can uncover more number of pages from your website, and know the importance of a interlinked page. It is advisable to provide the most important pages that one wants to display with more number of internal links, and to have at least 2 internal links per page.

  1. Not setting aside a minimum budget

Although, there is not much money involved in engaging in SEO, it is vital to engage in good SEO strategies by setting aside a budget for an SEO tool or a consultancy to help boost your SEO ranking.

  1. Not using redirects

If you have moved to a new URL, then it is important to tell users that you have moved to a new site and re-direct them to it hassle-free. The 301 redirect is an HTTP response that takes the user to a new URL.

  1. Not visible in social media

A website that has a social media presence has more chance to be portrayed better in google search results. The more content that goes in social media, the better the results of your business are displayed on search.

  1. Not performing site audits

A regular site audit is very important to regularly check on what you are missing out in your SEO and fixing these errors on an immediate basis.

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