Facebook Takes Actions to Reduce Mobile Page Load Speed

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If you are browsing Facebook on your smartphone, and come across an interesting link that you want to read, you are most likely to wish you weren’t on your phone at that point. This is a major challenge many websites and users face. Most links take forever to load on mobile. Such issues not only hamper the website’s reputation and business, they also are hindrance to users who are spending more and more time on mobile. In fact, about 40 percent of website visitors abandon a particular site with the slightest of delay (2 to 3 seconds) in the loading of the site. Facebook recently took actions to address this issue and release its large user base from such hassles.

Firstly, Facebook sent across a warning to all advertisers that it would cut out the reach of their ads, unless they reduce the load time of webpages. Ads would probably be shown based on the time they take to load. Facebook also went on to suggest few methods for businesses to optimize their sites for mobile as follows –

  • Minimizing landing page redirects, plugins and link shorteners
  • Compressing files to decrease mobile rendering time
  • Improving server response time by utilizing multi-region hosting
  • Using a high-quality content delivery network to reach audiences quickly
  • Removing render-blocking JavaScript

Secondly, Facebook announced that it would soon predict if someone is likely to click an ad on mobile, and start pre-loading the pages of the ad immediately. It is already a prevalent technique for links in organic posts. The images and media elements of the ad wouldn’t preload.

It sure is another smart move by Facebook, considering the fact that users are growing more and more intolerant towards irrelevant ads and that ad blockers are becoming too common among users on social media. Facebook, through these updates, hopes to improve mobile link load time 29 percent faster than previously.

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