Facebook Provides Delivery Insights That Will Keep Marketers Happy

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Facebook is letting advertisers take a peek into their marketing world by rolling out a new feature in Ads Manager called Delivery Insights, that will help brands understand their ad campaigns better.

Before we understand how this will help brands, it is important to know how ad auctions work on Facebook: First, Advertisers create an Ad account through which all Ads will be rolled out. Next, an objective of the Ad is set and a target audience is chosen. Also, a bid amount is set for each click or conversion. Now, when Facebook starts rolling out these Ads to the targeted audience, an automatic auction decides which ad will be displayed to a particular user. An internal algorithm that is based on the bid amount, the relevance of the ad and the ad’s compliance with the objective, decides which ad is viewed by which user.

Facebook, recently, introduced a new set of insights called Delivery insights, which will provide a new way for advertisers to identify those ads that are under-delivering and not reaching out to the desired number of people. Delivery insights provides details around why an ad is not performing as desired, and provides recommendations to make the ad more favorable in the auction. The feature will soon be visible under the “Delivery” column in the campaign and ad set level, as well as in a standalone tab under “Tools.”

Facebook’s director of engineering on Delivery Insights – “With this in mind, we’re focused on helping marketers better understand how our ads auction works, and how they can improve their results, through an education program we’re launching this week. In the coming months, we’ll also begin introducing new insights in our ads interfaces to help marketers ensure their ads are shown to the people they want to reach.”

With the little bit of the puzzle resolved, the development is hoped to show positive results in campaign performance and planning.

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