Facebook Pages Can Now Broadcast Live Videos From a Desktop

It is not longer necessary for pages to be logged onto Facebook through a smartphone or a tablet in order to broadcast live videos on Facebook. Recently, Facebook made available the facility to go live from any desktop web. Facebook users still cannot go live from a desktop page; the update is relevant only to Pages.

The whole idea is to make it easier for businesses and broadcasters to produce better quality broadcasts, as they wouldn’t need to film through their phones and can use professional equipment for the same. Obviously, the option to use smartphones is still available.

The additional feature is obviously part of Facebook’s effort to make Live a powerful and legitimate tool for publishers. Facebook will also now allow “contributors” of a page to go live – making life easier for businesses that now have the ability to assign team members to go live without providing them full access or control of an Admin.

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Few other features that Facebook recently introduced

  1. New video performance metrics including total minutes viewed, the total number of views, total engagement, etc. Aggregated insights will also be available in 7,30 or 60 days.
  2. Live comments can now be pinned to the bottom of the broadcast.
  3. Page admins can monitor live broadcasts in the video library. Page admins can also decide to remotely end the live broadcast from the video detail screen.
  4. People who aren’t page admins but are popular celebrities or brand can now broadcast live from the Page’s account.

It does look like Facebook is taking video very very seriously, and a Facebook that is all video in the cards soon?

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