Facebook Messenger – The New PayPal

Facebook Messenger is on its road to becoming an all-in-one app – The Company plans to launch a new feature that allows digital transactions through the app. The source code for Facebook messenger’s app includes commands allowing users to ‘pay in person’ or ‘pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item’, with ‘no cash needed.’

According to The Information, the source code hints other upcoming features as well. There is reference of a “secret conversations tools”, which could mean encrypted chat threads within Messenger. Also, additional features such as synching calendars, planning and organizing your day, news-feed style status updates and privacy on status updates have been mentioned. Mark Zuckerberg said in January that Facebook would partner with everyone who does payments and that Facebook wasn’t planning to make money by taking a cut from transactions made through Messenger, but rather they plan to use the boost in e-commerce to enhance its advertising business. Facebook also recently announced that they would soon open messenger to publishers to distribute content.

Looks like messenger wants to be more than just a messaging app or a mobile wallet – It is clear that the company has some big plan in the works for Messenger, including a way to handle payments.

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