Facebook Messenger Adds Buy Button and Native Payments to Ads

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Ever since Messenger for business started, Facebook has been introducing new tools that will allow businesses to interact with customers more easily and comfortably. On Monday, the platform included a “buy” button that enables payments through Messenger.

The Buy Button enables users to checkout with ease without leaving the platform. Previously when users wanted to buy products online, a button click would take users out of a messenger into a web page, and users would need to enter their credit card details and other information. In order to address the inconvenience that may arise from the entire process, through the new update, users will have to automatically plug in their credit card and address details. Hence, while making payments they do not need to leave the platform, making payments convenient through Facebook. Brands would either use Stripe or PayPal in order to process such payments. Facebook is also enabling brands to integrate payments into their checkout page with Webview and Messenger Extensions.


The update would not only make it easier for users to make payments on the platform, but would also help brands increase their sales through messenger. For instance, Facebook has started rolling out ads in News Feed that will re-direct users to chat bots in Messenger. This can be enabled using any call-to-action button within the ad. Brands can use this option to promote various sales and offers. The Messenger’s format also supports the various formats/thumbnails by which ads are generally displayed on Facebook.

Lastly, Facebook has included the capability to share bots and messages from bots through Messenger. The message will include the bot icon, name and CTA, enabling users to start a thread with the bot. Also, the messenger bots include the button-only, keyword-hiding prompts feature that makes it convenient for users to send bots their location, choose products, etc.

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