Facebook Introduces New Tools for Local Discovery and Services

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Facebook is introducing more and more features to its platform every day – It recently introduced the Events App and this week, the platform has added couple more tools that are useful for consumers and business owners.


Facebook released a new tool that would make it easier for users on the platform to get recommendations and suggestions, all gathered and organized at one place. Right from restaurants to spa places, users can get advice on services. This feature can be enabled by the “turn on recommendations” for a post. Once it is enabled, others (friends on the list) can provide suggestions, which will all be stored at a single place. Business pages can be included in the comments and suggestions; a feature, brands and advertisers can leverage. Currently the recommendations can be accessed only via search, and suggestions can be made only by friends of users.

Direct Business Interactions

It is hands down the coolest of the new features that Facebook introduced – the ability of users to order food from restaurants, book an appointment at a business, get movie tickets and even get a quote for a business directly via Facebook.

  1. A page can now have a “Start Order” call-to-action button that will help users order food from restaurants directly through a Facebook page that uses or Slice.
  2. Users can request an appointment at various businesses such as spas or salons directly. Confirmations for these requests will be received through Messenger.
  3. A “Get Quote” button is now available for business pages that will let users quickly request a quote from a particular business. This is being enabled using Porch or TalkLocal.
  4. Users can now buy new movie and event tickets directly through their Facebook Pages. Movie tickets can be bought through Fandango, and event tickets can be bought through EventBrite and TicketMaster.

With every week, Facebook is one step closer to becoming the single stop platform for marketers as well as business owners. The new features are currently available only in the US markets.

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