Facebook Introduces Analytics Tools for Messenger Bots

Facebook has expanded way beyond just another social media platform. With the introduction of Messenger for Business, its efforts to convert and grow into an e-commerce platform are paying off. On Monday, the platform announced the introduction of a new Analytics tool for Messenger.

The move is probably Facebook’s attempt to make profit from its ever-growing number of services. Now, businesses have begun to send sponsored messages to users with whom they have interacted in the past. The tool will provide information on how users interact with businesses, collaborate with users’ Facebook profile information and this will in turn help users and businesses improve their experience on the platform. The new insights is an extension of the Analytics for Apps tool that will provide information on data exchanged between their bots and users, and on users who have blocked/un-blocked an app or profile because of advertisements and bot interactions.

“These bots are providing new ways for businesses to interact with their customers,” Facebook product manager Josh Twist said. “Because we own the Messenger platform, we can help get analytics without any effort.” “In addition, you’ll have access to aggregated and anonymized demographic reports such as age, gender, education, interests, country, language, and much more to help you better understand who’s engaging with your bots.”

Twist also confirmed that the information available and used by the business will only come from the interactions users have had with the messenger bots, and other received insights received through behavior analysis and breakdowns will be made anonymous.

bot insights

Bots will also be provided with the flexibility to choose when they want to apply the analytics tool and when they need to track what data. This is a good opportunity for bot makers to include call-to-actions to test on users and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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