Facebook Has a New Events App

Facebook Events are excessively used in the platform by people to explore activities and things they can do together. Events are created for a variety of purposes on the platform – to celebrate weddings, festivals, parties and so on. There are too many things going on with events that Facebook decided it is time to introduce an app dedicated to events.

The app called Events will have all the current and upcoming events in it, and will have reminders enable for each. The app will also suggest events that the user is likely to be interested in. The events are suggested based on the interests the user selects when he/she first logs onto the app.

Here are the two main features the app offers –

  • View All Events

The home screen of the app will display the list of new events that a user’s friends on Facebook are interested in. It will synch pages and personalities that a user “likes” with the app and suggest events by these pages and provide updates from them.

  • Search and Track Events

The app provides browsing capabilities within it. A user can browse for event recommendations that are based on the user’s interests or location. A manual search for events around an area is also possible. Events app also uses the “Calendar” to store all of users’ upcoming events. Just like with the browser, it will give reminders of upcoming events and suggest events based on days the schedule is clear. Facebook also offers a tie-in to iCloud calendar. This is a very clever move by Facebook – the synch would most likely engage iPhone users within events.

The app is currently available only to iPhone users in the US, and will soon come to Android.
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