Facebook Goes Against Ad Blockers

Since the start of this year, Facebook has expressed concern regarding ad technologies that have been affecting the total ad revenue of the platform every now and then. An ad-blocking software could block advertisements from websites appearing on the platform. Since over 95 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, these softwares are obviously a huge threat to the business.

Facebook recently announced that it is on the process of ending the works of ad-blocking softwares on the desktop site. On the brighter side, users are now allowed to customize what type of ads they are likely to be interested in using the ad preference tool.

The move will make it hard for ad-blocking software to merely identify ads, let alone prevent re-targeting. But what’s the real motive behind the move? Facebook is obviously taking full control of the ad experience users get on the platform. The mobile app side has already been taken care of – no blockers work on it. By eliminating ad blockers on desktop as well, Facebook holds the reigns as far as the ad business on the platform is concerned.

“We’re trying provide a middle ground here where if people are experiencing ads on Facebook they can use the ads preferences controls to make those ads better,” Facebook’s ads chief, Bosworth says. “Hopefully, we’ll form more and more of a partnership with consumers, where we’re providing them with ads that improve the experience and that they don’t feel they need to block.”

The move is, of course, being subjected to criticism. Adblock Plus, recently, accused Facebook of becoming “anti-user”. According to the communications manager at Adblock Plus, consumers need to question the need to be forced into receiving ads they clearly do not want to receive.

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