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Most of us start our day inside an app – whether it is to sort our calendar, to browse a social networking app, or even to plan the finances for the day. But, the rate at which apps are deleted once the purpose is served, or when the user loses interest, is disturbing. A smartphone user has an average of 50 apps on his/her phone, and it is easy for an app to be not found useful anymore. Over 20 percent of apps around the world, are used just once and disposed later on. Disturbing, but true.

How does a mobile app owner best engage with the user? And more importantly how can he/she keep the user interested? Here are three tips that one could use:

  • First Come Best Serve

First impressions always matter. Most users, who download an app and don’t get what they are looking for easily and immediately, delete it. Remember, the user is trying out your app for the very first time – it is important to identify the main purpose that would have driven a user to your app, and deliver in parts or full, the very first time a user logs in. It is also critical that the entire onboarding process is simple and less time consuming. Keep the sign up forms, and the information-collecting process as simple as it can get.

  • Careful with the Communication

Communication in an app can be internal or through push notifications. It is of prime importance that the user does not get ticked off. For example, if a user gets a message to rate the app as soon as he launches it, he is bound to get annoyed. One could wait until the user has used the app many number of times, downloaded certain features maybe, before asking him to rate or provide feedback. Push notifications are a great way to pull back users into an app, should they have not used the app for a long time, or if there is an absolutely relevant and exciting new feature in your app. Users don’t like being constantly notified and hence intelligent communication by monitoring user activity within an app is mandatory.

  • Improvement Focused

You have users on board; you are doing good so far. But, you want to ensure that your efforts don’t go in vain. Knowing the key performance indicators of the app is a good first step. App downloads and opens aren’t the only metrics you should be focusing on. It should focus more on how engaged the users are inside the app, and how rewarding the experience is. Two ways to be improvement focused:

  1. Set up analytics and use the insights to improve and adjust your offers to deliver better.
  2. Identify power users and take notes on the most used features by them. This is a great way to identify and focus on the best features of the app. Also, track a power user’s way around the app to understand how easy or difficult navigation is inside the app. Can it be made easier?
  3. Making the “Help” button most helpful, by proactively addressing relevant user queries, rather than just put up a set of FAQs. This will help build confidence in a user, to rate a feature or address an issue more specifically. Identifying and thus improving the in-app experience gets easier.

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