Easy Marketing Improvements for your E-commerce Store

Are E-commerce stores ready for content marketing? This is a proper question as before time is spent generating traffic from the target audience, it becomes important to check if those visitors get the best experience while browsing your store. We would like to give store owners an idea on where to invest their time before spending on paid and organic traffic to the website. These can be accomplished in a few hours.
With the following small investments you can boost performance on conversions and SEO
1) Rewrite those product descriptions which appear weak – Ask yourself this, ‘Does your current product page copy speak only to your ideal customer?’, ‘Does your copy focus on benefits rather than features?’, ‘Are you describing your product with the same words that your customers use?’ and ‘Are you telling your product’s story?’
2) Better Photographs – Smartphones aren’t going to cut it, Create a light box for well-lit photos with a solid white background, Use creative angles, tweak & process your images to make them pop
3) A great list of Product Collections – A look book is mostly common in the fashion industry, but the concept can be extended to a variety of industries. A look book helps people envision themselves wearing the items. The trick is to make sure you’re showing your products in action.
4) Add Product Videos -This is another relatively low-budget improvement you can make which will have extreme value for shoppers and your bottom line. The ability to quickly educate a shopper stands out. It has been reported that including video on landing pages can improve conversions by as much as 80%. Also, adding video on your product pages provides a whole new experience for online shoppers that helps overcome purchase objections and answers many questions. Customers are also given a complete overview of the product, going beyond static images with a story. With the right equipment, it is easy to create your own product video.
5) Upgrade your customer review process – In this present landscape where competition is fierce, social proof on your products and service is more important than ever. Product reviews are trusted more than product descriptions by a factor of 12. Customer reviews also make the product pages more effective and allows shoppers to evaluate the product based on real opinions.
There are different tools that allow you to showcase elements of social proof like ratings or reviews, so choose carefully. Review different options to see which is the best fit for your needs and budget. If normal product reviews aren’t the right fit, feel free to take a different approach. This cannot be the complete guide to investing in your e-commerce store, so in the discussion below, we’d like to hear from you. How have you improved your e-commerce site content in the past that boosted conversions or reach?

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