Pillars Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes marketing with content, email, social media and many other avenues. The last few years have changed the way in which businesses engage with customers. Earlier, the brands spoke, and that was it. But now, with social media, consumers have become more vocal, with brands taking notice and shaping their stories so that it speaks to customers. With the capabilities and technologies available, marketing can only be limited by imagination. This growing importance of brand and consumer experience calls for better understanding of digital and data. For an effective brand experience to happen, marketers have to look beyond their brand, and think about how they can build an effective ecosystem for their audiences.
Whether it’s evolving to better adapt to new platforms, or curating and re-purposing content based on channels of distribution, the blurring of media lines has created many new opportunities. Inevitably, this also means there is more room for mistakes if proper research is not done. The pressure is on marketers to act fast, while remaining true to their brand’s identity. Follow this info-graphic for more clarity on strategy, execution and analysis of your techniques and tactics.

Pillars Of Digital Marketing Infographics


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