Digital Advertising Fraud

Digital marketers have always faced a dilemma when it came to acquiring view-able impressions. They need to evaluate  media-pricing models from buying cheap impressions to buying quality impressions. Digital advertising has come a long way since it’s start in the early 1990’s. The web business has evolved from purely display advertising to  search, social and video business, and as of today digital advertising has seen the fastest growth among all media. This is redefining the print and television business. This growth has come at a price and marketers have been the biggest victims of greed. It is this greed that drives fraudsters in the industry and adds to costs. And there are various levels of fraud that affect the digital advertising business. Check this info-graphic on the 6 major types of advertising fraud, and prevent yourself from dealing with these situations.

Stay tuned to follow what tools are to be used, to avoid fraud.

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