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Creating content and delivering relevant social media content consistently is a challenge by itself. And because of that, we often forget, postpone, or put off content promotion and distribution. Wondering How? The answer lies in planning.

Plan your content delivery on social media and keep your marketing on track, and that will make it more likely that you reach your business goals. Whether you’ve been in business for a day or a decade, planning is a crucial part of your journey. With simple content promotion, a great guiding principle is the ’50/25/25 Rule’. This rule is defined by the need to create a content promotion plan with proven strategies and maximizing reach on a regular basis. Important assumption to be noted here is what works today may not work tomorrow. So one has to be ready for change. And by not trying out the new, one might miss out on big opportunities.

To start off, identify your resources (time and budget) and then split them into 3 categories:

50 — Use What Works: 50% Committed to what you know works well for you
25 — Experiments: Commit 25% to options with potential, but with further improvement
25 — Shot In The Dark: Commit 25% to long shots and new channels


  • 50% – Use What Works:

    Spend half your resources and nothing more, when you focus on what you know will work for sure. If it has been tried and tested, then you will be getting results. Cost effective sites like Outbrain and Taboola for native advertising should be contributed to. These tools place content on new sites across the web by creating native ad posts that show up on blogs and news sites. They have continually proved their targeting capabilities and are extremely powerful. Big budgets are great, but native advertising and content partnering work for businesses of any size. Big budgets are required for great partnership options, while blogs, industry publications and social ad options let you control your resources and yet find relevant audiences.

  • 25% – Experimenting:

    Sticking to only what you know cannot be enough. With this approach, you will miss out on trends and behaviors of the majority. Content strategies involve posting as frequently as your bandwidth allows you to. You should experiment with different approaches like focusing on a related topic every quarter. This might sound unusual but it is proven to be a working strategy, and it gives you the time to evaluate your approach and modify as you go. This category should include email marketing, apps, influencer marketing, new partnerships or building out an underutilized social network

  • 25% – A Shot In The Dark:

    Go big or go home, is an old saying. These long shots and new channels may flop completely, but it is important to move on. Without taking risks, you will be unable to discover new exciting strategies. When you try new things, you will be surprised with what works.

Content creation, distribution, social engagement, metrics, analytics are all separate, but need to be made to work together to maximize ROI. By implementing this 50/25/25 strategy at every touch-point, you will be developing a strategy that scales with your business.


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