Competitive Analysis for a Blog

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Smart competition is noted to be better than cut throat competition. Your blog competition should help you understand your position in the market, instead of creating doubt. Let’s look towards the former. You need to start off with a competitive analysis, as this would help you create your strategy. This provides the insight into how your offering will be different and to what the audience is looking for. Asking yourself the following question and compiling all available answers will help you improve.
What is the look and feel like ?
Does the blog follow a set of core topics, or a theme?
How does the language and tone they are using sound?
Information regarding Target Audience?
What about the frequency and consistency in post schedule Blogging for how many years?
Unique Characteristics of any blog Presence on other social networks?
Are fans engaged with the content ?
Frequency of sharing blogs on social media?
Availability of alternate content(eBooks, Podcasts etc.)?
Focus of available additional content Unique characteristics of the blog?
Once you are done with this exercise, finish it off by answering two final questions. Did this review spark any great original ideas?, and what will be different about your blog that will make it stand out from this one? Now that you have completed this exercise, you will get a complete picture of the competition and their activities, and this should guide you towards making some essential edits.
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