Checklist to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

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It’s the period of social media revolution, which has transformed the way businesses think, operate and interact with customers. Winning over customers on social media, is definitely a biggie, and involves an effective plan, voice, implementation and measurement.

Here are few tips that will help you create an effective social media strategy:

#1 Get Started

Identify and define your business goals – goals that will be mapped back to for everything that you do on social media. This will help you define your social media goals.

#2 Channels of Operation

Research and create buyer personas for your business. Each channel requires different types of content and only some channels may fit the business requirement. Once the social media channels of operation are identified, develop a content strategy for each of these channels. Diversify the type of content you develop; choose among memes, guides, videos, etc..

#3 Team Social Media

Goals are identified, channels are identified – You now need to identify or train resources with appropriate skill sets that align with the social media goals. Assign roles and responsibilities for each resource.

#4 Voice in Social Media

To stand out and be identified, every brand should have a unique voice that is consistent across all social media. Conveying your voice in an engaging manner across all social media is important.

#5 Content Calendar

It is important to develop a content calendar to implement and manage the content delivery process of your social media strategy. Tools such as CoSchedule or Buffer helps you plan your social media posts, schedule posts, suggest post frequency, etc.. Derive a content plan for all your social media goals on all your social media channels.

#6 Social Media Management Tools

What you need next is a social media management tool that manages your presence across all social media channels, in a single interface. It also schedules messages/tweets, tracks brand mentions and analyze social media traffic.

#7 Measure

Create suitable metrics that matter to your business and monitor analytics for all your social media activity. Measure your likes, retweets and other engagement factors to track your rights from wrongs.

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