Checklist for Facebook Posts on Business Pages

Here’s a checklist of some best practices that you should follow while designing Facebook posts for your business page: 

#1 The optimal size of a Facebook image post is 970*780 pixels. Use these dimensions while creating the image.
#2 Use good quality high resolution images for your post. Using images that are too small might make them appear pixelated.
#3 Have clear ideas on the objectives of the post. Avoid elements that distract viewers from the main objective.
#4 Texts on the image are appealing. People are more likely to read them than the post descriptions. However, make sure they are less than 20% of the total image area.
#5 Use your logo & other indicators that can help you promote your brand and create a brand recall.
#6 While writing the post description, use relevant hashtags (maximum 1-2) to increase your post reach.
#7 Have clear call to actions with proper links. Make sure your links are working before you post.
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