Broadcasters on Facebook Can Now Choose Their Live Stream Audience

Up until recently, Facebook Live streams were by default visible to the public. Last week, Facebook added a new feature to Live Streams, enabling broadcasters to customise their audience.

Although this feature is very similar to the target audience feature available for Facebook Ads, the option to restrict live videos is available only for people who post their streams through the application-programming interface. So, basically, the feature is currently available only to professional video creators, designers, and verified brands and media companies. The feature is also only open to people who use software tools to send videos that have been shot using high quality cameras and screen-casting tools.

Broadcasters can now customise their audience by location and time zones- A maximum of 25 countries can be chosen to target these live videos, and locations can be further narrowed down to states, regions, cities and ZIP codes, by age – allowing broadcasters to restrict their audiences within an age bracket; the minimum age that can be set is 13, and finally by gender – this probably would come to use for advertising or education about gender-specific products. The idea is to make these videos as accurate and relevant as possible.

Facebook has also introduced an additional feature that allows continuous live streaming, that can go on for days or even weeks. The audience will not be notified of such live streams, and will not be able to request for the stream once it ends. Broadcasters will be provided with an option to choose the length of the streams before they begin posting them to Facebook.

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