Brand New Capabilities Within Analytics Suite

Google had launched the Google Analytics 360 Suite this March, catering to the needs of enterprise-class marketers, and soon afterwards it released a beta version of its reporting solution called Data Studio. Yesterday, Google announced a number of new features and capabilities within the Analytics suite.

  • The upcoming launch of a new product called Google Optimize, free version of its enterprise-class testing and personalization product called Google Optimize 360. Optimize is available in beta and users can now request an invite to the beta.

google optimize

  • Free version of Data Studio 360 is now available globally – The enterprise and free version of Data Studio had launched earlier this year in the US, and only recently did Google launch it globally. Google also announced that it is launching report templates in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, making it easier for businesses to create, edit and use templates to get work done quicker.

Data Studio

  • The upcoming launch of session quality score – The new session quality score will use machine learning in order to making predictions of whether a visitor to a site or an app is likely to make a transaction or not. Businesses can then leverage the result/score to enable better customer experience to such users or remarket to these users. In the past,analytics users created Goals, which was also intended to understand the likelihood of visitors turning customers, by various metrics’ such as pages visited, session duration and so on.

session quality score

  • Google Tag Manager integrations – Additional 20 tags have been added from Quantcast, Twitter, Microsoft Bing, Nielsen, and so on. With these additions, marketers will only need to select the tag template from the set of integrations, instead of having to use the custom HTML tag type.

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